The European government will regulate the adaptation of higher artistic education to the European Higher Education Area. In addition, an increase in the number of students and teachers in these areas is expected in the participation of the Erasmus European mobility program.

The former Minister of Education, Social Policy and Sport, Mercedes Cabrera, announced at the meeting of the Plenary Council of Artistic Education the main developments in this area, among which the organization of higher artistic education and its full integration in the European Higher Education Area.

Through a Royal Decree project, the structuring of the area in the European framework of Degrees and Postgraduate Degrees is established; This new structure will allow graduates in higher artistic education to study Masters and Doctorates.

Mobility for students of higher artistic education

The minister also announced the creation of a specific Information and Support Unit to promote Erasmus scholarships for the higher degrees of plastic arts and design. This Unit will have the collaboration of the Autonomous Organization of European Programs (OAPEE) and the Permanent Coordination Commission.

With the same objective of promoting European mobility, this Royal Decree project incorporates artistic education into the European system of recognition, transfer and accumulation of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). The European credit transfer system provides the necessary tools to match the different education systems of the member countries of the European Union, facilitating both the recognition of the studies studied and the national and international mobility of students, among the different higher education institutions and / or the member countries of the EU.

Likewise, the Royal Decree project contemplates the promotion of the development of research programs in centers of higher artistic education, in the field of disciplines that are specific to this area.

The scope of this reform

One of the most outstanding aspects of this new proposal is the possibility of placing artistic education at the same level as university studies in other careers, facilitating graduates’ mobility in European educational institutions.

The Royal Decree project orders the higher degree qualification in Music, Dance, Dramatic Art and Design and Conservation and Restoration of Movable Property, placing the superior artistic education in tune with the process of convergence of Bologna.