The best seeks oppositions and the best advice

It is already official, between 2017 and 2018 the largest public employment offer in history will be published. Since 2008 nothing similar had happened.

This is intended to cover the lack of personnel suffered by some public sector agencies.

In this link you will find all the information you need, the agendas for each type of opposition, dates and requirements.

Search for oppositions and get the agenda you need

Whether you have recently finished your career, some time ago or you are going to take advantage of this public employment opportunity to open a new career path, the first thing you need is a good agenda.

In the previous link you will have been able to check the list of topics that you must prepare, but getting the material to study is up to you.

There are opposition academies that will help you throughout the process, but you have to admit that they are not cheap. In any case, for certain examinations, having a personal tutor to guide you and help you prepare the exam is necessary.

A page that you should consult once you have decided which opposition to present to you is this.

It is more than a search oppositions. In it you can find advice, recommended centers, examinations according to your level of studies … it’s all you need to be well prepared.

We propose you:

Prepare the agenda looking for books of recognized publishers and being constant in your study. Come to a bookstore and tell them what you need. They have experience and can make the order of the book, it is normal that they know which publisher to go to.

Go to an academy to give you the syllabus and help you study what is really important that you study.

Keep in mind that nothing is free. You’ll have to spend money to get the agenda, and you should be careful with the free material that falls into your hands, for example via the Internet.

Ask the agenda to people you know who has already opted to that same place.